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Bill Brown

Bill and Maggie


Bill and Maggie:

We first met on a "blind date" (11/1/00).   We had coffee at

Starbucks. My friend Dana (from work) and her friend

Tina (from her church and my work) set us up.   I was so

nervous.   It was the best "first meeting" I had ever had.

Our first "real" date was (11/9/00). Spaghettini Italian Grill :


That also happened to be my Mom's birthday.   It was a "Great"

date.   I think we both had a good time.

The first movie we saw together was "Men of honor" :


It was so fun to see her reactions.    I had the best time.

The following Sunday (11/19/00) Maggie invited me to attend church

with her http://vb.org/

It was the first time I had attended church in a long time.  

I really  enjoyed  it.   The people were so nice.   I even got to hear

Maggie sing a solo at the evening program.   She was great. It was also

the first time I got to meet her room mate (Vicki ).   She is one of the

coolest people I have ever met.    Maggie and I, continued

to date and go to church together.

 One night after church (12/10/00) I was at home thinking about the

message and the things I had heard. I read/prayed these words:

"Lord, I thank you for paying for the sins I have committed. I give

my life to you. Teach me the right way to live. Amen".

I hoped these were the right words to say. They are easy to say and

believe, but harder to live. I've been doing my best. I still have a lot of

questions, but I've been: praying, reading, and thinking about all

of it. This was my way of saying that I was accepting God and

finding salvation. I've really enjoyed going to church on

Sunday. I feel like I'm learning a lot. I have so much more to do.

I have been working at the same place UEI :


for over nine years. Maggie was the first person I had ever taken

to a company Christmas party. We had a great time. That night we

had our first kiss. It was the best kiss I have ever had.

Sometime before Christmas we decided to plan a Spring break

trip to Oklahoma.   It was my first chance to meet her Dad

and two brothers. We were both really excited.

This year Maggie and I had a "special" Valentine's day. We

celebrated on February 13 (Maggie had a church program

on the 14).   That morning I brought flowers to her classroom. Her

kids weren't exactly sure why this "guy" was bringing teacher flowers

during class. It was kind of fun for me. Kids whispering "That's teachers


 That evening, I picked her up and we had dinner at the same place

we had our first date (Spaghettini Italian Grill).   I gave her a "nice"

pair of diamond earrings (53 ct total wt). She gave me the sweetest

card I have ever received and a "BIG" chocolate kiss.   I told her all

I wanted was a card and a kiss. She is so funny.

On Valentine's day, I stopped by her classroom and dropped off a

"Big" (2 X 3') card and box of candy. It was a great day for

both of us.

Wedding rings

The Proposal:

During our trip to Oklahoma - I asked Maggie to marry me. At

first she said "Yep", but later she said "Yes, she would be happy to

be my wife". I asked her the question on the front porch of the house she

grew up in (Tulsa, OK) on April 11, 2001. It was a cold windy night at

about 10 pm.   I had just asked her father's blessing

about a half an hour before. She was a "little" suprised.

Cool ring

The Ring:

She really liked the ring :   14 kt Ladies wedding set with side

stones round brillant cut diamonds 1.01 carat in channel setting.

Round diamond center stone total weight 0.78 carats. Clarity VVS2,

G color. I bought it by myself. As far as I can tell, I did a "Great" job.