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Bill Brown


Roku is a little box (yes, we know that already) which allows you to stream tons of entertainment to your TV instantly, without a PC.  You can have instant access to literally thousands of different movies, sports, TV shows and more, and more choices are being added all the time. Roku can be used with Netflix, Amazon Video, Pandora, HuluPlus  (coming soon to a Roku box near you), MP3 Tunes, MLB.TV, plus a whole lot more, you name it, you can watch it with your little Roku box without needing to pay any extra fees. Some are free, and for example the ones which do have subscription charges like Netflix (starting at $8.99 per month), there is no extra charge for Roku.

What is Roku?

So, what do you get with your Roku, and does it take a masters degree in computer science to get the darned thing working? The answer to the last question is definitely no, read on. . .

  • Roku is compatible with just about any TV going
  • With every Roku you get: remote control, composite AV cable, Two AAA batteries, power adapter, guide to getting started, 30 day money back guarantee and a full one years warranty – can’t go wrong then really can you?
  • Plug it in to your TV
  • Add the Roku to your home network, it doesn’t matter whether you’re wired or wireless, and there are some clear on screen instructions which make everything oh so easy.
  • You will need a high speed internet connection to be able to utilize Roku, with a minimum speed of around 1.2 Mbps. You might also need a wired or wireless router if you can’t connect directly to the cable or the DSL modem.

Your Roku really can be up and running in about 5 minutes, then you can sit back and enjoy your favorites.

And that’s all there is to it, you can have instant access to the biggest collection of entertainment available.


Recently received a RoKu Box as a Gift.    Really like it.

Check out some of the "Free Channels":









Channel Code Genre Developer
1080p Showcase 1080p Videos Binary Moustache
Al Jazeera English ALJZ Live SolveLLC
Anomalies TV XM7EG Videos
Archive.org NMJS5 Videos TheNowhereMan
Archive Classic Movies WSW1P Videos
Archive Classic Movies WSW1P Videos
AvalonPC YW0AS Shopping
BBC World News BBCN Live
CNN International CNNI Live
Democracy Now! DEMOCRACYNOW News ioan
Earth-Touch HD 03VG9 Videos
FilmOn FILMON Live TheEndless
FlickStream WVS3B Videos
Food Network "Night Time" FNNIGHT Videos TheEndless
Funny or Die IU1VY Videos TheNowhereMan
Gabby Beta Media Server GABBYBETA Media
Google Voice NXFBW Misc. TheNowhereMan
HGTV HGTV Videos TheEndless
Home Shopping Network HSN Shopping TheEndless
HubbleCast HD 9OFQX Live TheNowhereMan
iTunes Podcasts ITPC Podcasts TheEndless
Justin.TV JUSTINTV Live TheEndless
Last.FM X0MCZ Music
LDS Video Podcasts TMLJW Religious
LinkTV LINKTV News ioan
NASA TV HIBMX Videos TheNowhereMan
Nowhere Forecaster GIN8E Weather
NowhereTV (PodTV) H9DWC Podcasts TheNowhereMan
Nuod Tayo (Filipino) K49NL Movies
Onion News Network ONN News TheEndless
Phoenix Traffic Cams 9MQBZ Live TheNowhereMan
Picasa Web Albums NEJXJ Photos
PlayOn Media Server MYPLAYON Media
Positive Peak Radio & TV MNYVP Audio
Press TV ASV5R Live SolveLLC
RadioReference.com ENGBH Audio TheNowhereMan
RE/MAX University G8VAR Videos
Roksbox Network Streaming P1KWQ Media
Russia TV News English RTNEWS Live
SCMDL (beta) CAFEH Unknown
Simple Weather IFUIN Weather
SoundCloud Connect B&W version SCROKUBW Audio
tagesschau (German) TAGESSCHAU News Henning Saul
TED Talks LORYR Videos
Teletica VOD 9RRFU Videos
Television Shopping TVS Shopping TheEndless
TERRA Nature of our world F3SIG Videos
The Internet Archive 71B0Y Videos
TV.com TVCOM Videos TheEndless
Twitter Screen Saver V8MRS ScreenSaver
USB Media Browser KGULU Media TheNowhereMan
UStream IN4DN Live TheNowhereMan
Viddler VIDDLER Videos Binary Moustache
Weather Radar RADAR Weather
Woot! BPPIM Videos TheNowhereMan
YouTube B8VVK Videos TheNowhereMan