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Bill Brown


High School - Ham





This is a letter I wrote for my former Teacher ~ He is one of the people who got me started in Electronics.


- Bill


Louis P. Malory (WA6DVK) – ARRL “Life Time Achievement Award”

Dear Mr. Summer,

Please allow me to also personally voice my support for recommending Louis P. Malory, (Lou -- WA6DVK) for an ARRL "Life-Time Achievement Award." As Dave Collingham (K3LP ) and Steven C. Cook (WG7K) have indicated, Mr. Malory, was instrumental in the development of the Fontana High School Communications Technology Program and providing exposure to hundreds of students to Amateur Radio by being the Student Advisor to the Fontana High School Radio Station (WB6HJJ). He also invested hundreds of hours helping his students receive their Amateur radio license. Though I have never met or spoken to Dave or Steven; We do share in common the fact that we are former students and admirers of this wonderful educator and respected Amateur Radio Operator Mr. Louis P. Malory (WA6DVK).

I was first introduced to Mr. Malory in late 1977, when he came to Alder Jr. High School to promote Amateur Radio and the Fontana High School Vocational Communications Technology Program to the upcoming High School Students. He did this “Road Show” every year at the area Jr. High Schools. I will always remember the spark of enthusiasm and adventure he brought to the hobby that we came to call Ham Radio and the possibilities of a career in the field of electronics, which at the time seemed like a very distance dream. How can a kid in a little Steel town in Southern California talk to people all over the world and also find a career in the field of Electronics that he loves ? Well Mr. Malory knew a lot of those answers. He created an educational experience that allowed me and my fellow students to explore these possibilities.

During my High School years Mr. Malory was a tireless educator. He promoted Amateur Radio and taught us the basics of Radio Communications and Electronics. Mr. Malory selflessly committed a lifetime of effort with the aim of bettering opportunities for his community’s youth. Educating his students about Amateur Radio was not just a Job, but it was a true calling. He is truly a credit to educators and the Amateur Radio service. Mr. Malory is the sort of person parents hope their children might have the opportunity to experience. He changed my life and that of many young men and women. He has helped his students to go on to achieve their full potential as responsible adults, serving in their communities and spreading amateur radio around the world. As a last "Thank You" for a job well done, and a lifetime of effort. I now join with his other former students , David R. Collingham, and Steven C. Cook in proposing Louis P. Malory, for an ARRL "Life-Time Achievement Award".


Best Regards,

William L. Brown – KA6KBC

Yorba Linda, CA