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Bill Brown

Heritage Court Motel - Thorp Wi

Heritage Court motel
Has been operating successfully in downtown Thorp, Wisconsin for over 60 years!

We're located 1/2 mile N. of Hwy 29 between Chippewa Falls
and Wausau, Thorp has a healthy and vibrant local economy
with a "unique combination of quaint horse-drawn wagons and
modern culture/technology"
We're a family owned and on-site operated 5 room unit opened in 1948 on the the "Yellowstone Trail" in central Wisconsin.

On the corner of Hwy 73 and County Hwy X right in the center of our beautiful city.

The motel office is housed in a historic Victorian style home built in 1891. The home contains beautiful stained glass windows and is surrounded by angel topped fountains and other aspects of Victorian architecture

Clean -- Your room will be cleaned and re-supplied with fresh towels before you arrive so you can sleep worry-free!

Comfortable -- Enjoy a hot shower before relaxing awhile in front of the cable television in each room. When it's bedtime, each of you can find a place to dream peacefully in either a double or twin sized bed.

Convenient -- In the morning enjoy a quick walk (or ride) to one of several dining facilities or grab something from the grocery store just around the corner. You can even do some laundry or rent a movie from some of the local businesses nearby. Ask us for details!

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Local towns:

This is a list of smaller local towns that surround
Thorp, WI. If you're planning a road trip or exploring
the local area, make sure you check out some of these
places to get a feel for the surrounding community.

Lombard, WI
Eidsvold, WI
Reseburg, WI
Eadsville, WI
Junction, WI
Worden, WI
Stanley, WI
Bellinger, WI
Brownville, WI

Clark, WI
Lublin, WI
Maple Hill, WI
Withee, WI
Maplehurst, WI
Longwood, WI
Boyd, WI
Owen, WI
Edson, WI

Note:  MOTEL is near Stanley, WI