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Bill Brown

Yorba Linda Fire



Yorba Linda Fire - 11/15/08
Wow - What a weekend - We (Maggie/I) started out celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary and ended wondering if our house would survive the “Fire”. Just saying it was a dramatic weekend. It really makes you think, when you get an automatic call from the Orange County Fire Department saying “You need to evacuate your home - Now” than a little later a Police Officer comes to your door saying you need to leave “Now” mandatory evacuation. What do you take and What would be ok to lose ? Maggie and Molly (Our Dog) went to stay with Vicki/Josh for the night and I stayed home. It was a scary night staying up watching “major” leaps of flames and watching strangers in trucks cruising around the neighborhood. In the end all is well and we are fine. God is Good.

- Bill